NRI Investment Options

Options of Investments – Broadly there are 3 options of investment.

Real Estate

Invest in Indian Real Estate

Precious Metals

Invest in Commodity

Capital Market

Invest in Indian stock markets

Invest in Indian Real Estate

As Non-resident Indian, you can invest in real estate, but not in Agriculture Land. One can buy commercial and residential properties.

Invest in Precious Metals (Commodities)

As regards to Precious Metals, they are Global Commodities. So it is not India specific Investment.

Invest in Indian Capital Markets

In capital market, you have varieties of options. In Capital Market, main options are two: Debt and Equity. One can make use of Mutual Fund route for investing in Debt and Equity. Mutual Fund option is not available to NRIs in USA and Canada. In debt and equities, there are numbers of options to suit to different needs.

• Equities

• Debt

• Mutual Fund